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P l a y   w i t h   P o t e n t i a l

Skill assessments from gaming performance

Flex turns video game achievements into a skills assessment and personality profile of the gamer that achieved them.

We work with the gaming recruitment industry, the education sector, and others to understand what games can tell us about who we are as individuals, professionals, and students.

What’s in a game?

Video games are well-calibrated, often quite complicated, sets of puzzles that are administered in an immersive, simulated environment. Flex studies the way gamers solve these puzzles, and their rates of success doing so, to determine different professional and personal attributes about the solver.

But why tho?

The world’s image of the ‘modern professional’ is changing, and the way we present ourselves, as students, workers, and human beings, deserves to change along with it.

This is especially true for young people. Asking the next generation of talent to live the same professional lives as their parents and grandparents seems foolhardy and wrong. Flex’s ambition is to give today’s expertise a modern toolset for the lives they choose to lead for themselves.

How it works

1. Play
2. Get a skills assessment
3. Build a profile or add it to your resume
4. Game
5. Rinse
6. Repeat

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Flex: Communication Skills (hand signing a B, a capital B)
Flex: Patience (hand with soil and plant)
Flex: Performance (hand with confetti)
Flex: Thoroughness (hand pointing at ball)
Flex: Resource Management (hand with a selection of balls)
Flex: Practice (a repeating hand)
Flex: Strategic Planning (hand holding chess piece)
Flex: Teamwork (hands embracing)
Play game
Play game

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